Speak English clearly and be understood

Pronounce any English sound perfectly in less than 2 minutes

Speak English clearly and be understood

You can do it if you know how

Pronounce any English sound perfectly in less than 2 minutes

What You’ll Learn


Have confidence that when you speak in business or in private you will be understood.

Speak Clearly

Speak sounds clearly that you have problems with at the moment causing you communication difficulties.

Correct Yourself

Have the knowledge that if you relapse in the future you will know how to correct yourself and practise.

Learn Effortlessly

Learn effortlessly instead of learning through stressful hard work.

Our Courses Are For You If

  • you are not sure how to pronounce some English sounds or words
  • you want to be understood on the phone
  • you want less of an accent

You will learn how to pronounce all the sounds in the English language by knowing where to place your tongue, lips, and teeth as English speakers do. Knowing exactly where and how to place your tongue, lips and teeth is important. You can do this for any sound within 2 mins. when you know how.

You will learn quick and easy ways to practise. There are many effective ways to practise and you will be able to choose which ones suit you or switch between all of them so as not to make it boring and have fun as you learn.

You will be given materials to work with. You will be given vowel and consonant charts to work with. Also, there are many options on the internet where you can use the practice techniques in your own time

You will be told how to create effective practice times which can be as little as 10 mins a day.

You will be told how others have learned quickly and easily. The polyglots who learn multiple languages quickly and effectively have common techniques which you can copy to make your learning easy and fun.

With all this information you will be able to choose your own methods of learning and do it in your own time and have fun while doing it.

You will be shown how to make sure you are clearly understood and be able to communicate effectively because Ian is not only a pronunciation teacher but a public speaker coach.